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Driving Instruction Book

Do you need help teaching your teenager how to drive safely?
Now you have it!

Bill Kennedy, a public school teacher, private driving instructor and father of four has written a common sense step-by-step driving book that will aid in helping you teach your teenager how to drive safely. "Teaching your teenager how to drive safely while maintaining your sanity" is a light-hearted approach to a heavy-duty situation. This illustrated teaching guide is both educational and entertaining. This information can be utilized either as initial instruction for your beginning teenage driver or as a supplement to a driver education program. The nine practical lessons are listed in a logical teaching progression:

INTRODUCTION (In the beginning...)

Chapter I: The Vacant Parking Lot

  1. Pre-driving Procedures (before starting the engine)
  2. Dashboard Information and Starting the Engine
  3. Putting the Car In Motion (slowly)

Chapter II: The Residential Area

  1. Review
  2. Backing Out of the Driveway (in reverse)
  3. Intersections
  4. Centering Your Vehicle (on your side of the street)
  5. Speed Control (under the speed limit)
  6. Proper Stopping Areas When Required to Stop at Intersections
  7. Important Parent Note (for advanced training in residential areas)

Chapter III: Light City Driving

  1. Review (residential area driving)
  2. Proper Following Distance (behind the vehicle in front of you)
  3. Right Turns On a Red Light (in some states)
  4. Approaching a "Stale-Green" Light and What To Do
  5. Summary (the bonding experience)
  6. Important Parent Note (for advanced training)

Chapter IV: One-Way Streets and Lane Changes

  1. Review
  2. Turning Into the "Nearest Correct Lane"
  3. One-Way Streets (just follow the arrow)
  4. Lane Changing Procedures (for a rookie driver)
  5. Summary (the bonding experience)

Chapter V: The Heavy Traffic

  1. Review (previous lesson, chapter IV)
  2. The Left Turn
  3. Important Parent Note (for advanced training in heavy traffic)

Chapter VI: The Parking Adventure

  1. Review (in order to get ready for the parking adventure)
  2. Parking (choosing the proper lot)
  3. Backing Out (successfully)

Chapter VII: The Freeway and the Highway

  1. Review
  2. Freeway and Highway Driving
  3. Driving on the Freeway (successfully)
  4. Driving on the Highway (safely)
  5. Stopping Procedures
  6. Fatigue Factors
  7. Important Parent Note (for advanced training)

Chapter VIII: Night Driving

  1. Speed
  2. Being Seen
  3. Following Distance Rules
  4. Paying Attention and Distractions
  5. Bright Light Reaction

Chapter IX: Adverse Driving Conditions

  1. Proper Timing for Successful Practice
  2. "Slow-Down" or Else
  3. Other Drivers
  4. Gravel Roads, Bad Roads and Heavy Traffic
  5. Hydroplaning or "Water Skiing on the Highway
  6. Proper Steering
  7. Important Parent Note (for advanced training in adverse driving conditions)

Chapter X: Summary

  1. Keeping a Positive and Patient Demeanor
  2. The Ultimate "Role-Model"
  3. Parent - Teen Driving Log
  4. Important Parent Note
Parking Lot
Parking Lot
Parking Lot
Parking Lot
Parking Lot
Parking Lot

This 77-page book may be exactly what you and your teenager need in order to facilitate this instructional bonding experience.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, send:
your name, address, city, and zip code along with $24.95, payable to:

Kennedy Publications
c/o Topeka Driving School
3641 SW Plass Ave.
Topeka, KS 66611

Visa and Mastercard accepted, call:
In Topeka 272-1961
Outside Topeka 1-800-557-7357

  • For immediate delivery, send money order or use credit card.
  • With a personal check, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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